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It won't be boring!


The teacher's guide is designed to allow teachers to lead students through the exhibition independently , without a tour guide. It includes information which enables teachers to link each zone of the exhibition to the Australian Curriculum. It does not include Bible Stories and teaching illustrations used by the individual tour guides at The Bible Exhibition.  

To see how the Bible Exhibition links to the History curriculum please download the PDF 

Educational but fun!

These activity sheets enable students to consolidate learning and establish links with the curriculum, following their visit to The Bible Exhibition. 

Exhibition Booklets
Activity Sheet - Basic

Activity Sheet - Extended
Exhibition Booklet.

Exhibition  Extended Information Doc.

​Hold a coin from the first century!
Smell frankincense and myrrh!
Feel a roman scourge!
See pages of a bible from  1549!
Examine a bible from 1722!
Replica pots, coins, slings and more.

Teachers & Educators
Teacher's Guide
Activity Sheets
Teacher's Curriculum link.
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