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Let us introduce ourselves - Bryan and Dawn Stewart from Strathalbyn South Australia.. We are Christians who gather unto the name of the Lord Jesus in local testimony at Devon Park, Adelaide - Devon Park Christian Assembly. We serve the Lord full time in evangelical work, travelling throughout Australia with our Gospel work but we are based in SA, and our current focus is the Fleurieu Peninsula.


We carry out our evangelical activity in fellowship with the church at Devon Park, and other likeminded believers throuthout Australia.. However, our ministry is not affiliated or sponsored by any individual church/assembly or organisation.


Our children, Kerrie (22) and Jack (21), are also very involved in our work. We often work together with Clive and Rachel Barber and Len and Nerida Walker who also serve the Lord full time in evangelical work.


Bryan worked in marketing and Dawn was a teacher until they left employment to serve the Lord full time in 2014.  


ALL that we do is FREE and freely available to ALL. THESE EVENTS ARE NON-DENOMINATIONAL


Please see link below for information on what we believe.  Our doctrinal stance on salvation would be in common with evangelical believers ie

Sola Scriptura - Scripture alone - The Bible is our only authority.

Sola Fide - Faith alone - We are saved through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ

Sola Gratia - Grace alone - We are saved by grace alone (no works or merit of ours)

Sola Christus - Christ alone - Jesus Christ is the only Saviour and Lord

Soli Deo Gloria - To the Glory of God alone - mankind cannot boast, for slavation is not of ourselves but God alone. The one who suffered for our sin - alone apon the cross - shall bear the glory alone. Amen!


We refute teachings that deny the deity of Christ or advocate additions to the Word of God.

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